An Innovative Academic Program


At ϱ we seek to empower students to formulate and frame questions in order to become creative and critical thinkers in our ever-changing world. We support students’ learning styles and needs while incorporating authentic experiences in our units so that learning connects with real-life. Our ultimate goal is to enhance students’ understanding and create lifelong learners.

Our courses are aligned to the AERO standards, which reinforce concepts from Early Childhood to Grade 12. Our student-centered program is constantly reviewed and improved to ensure a clear alignment of skills and understandings.

We offer courses in the disciplines of Language Arts (reading, writing, speaking and listening), Social Studies (history, geography, economics and politics), Mathematics (theory and application), Science (physical sciences, earth & environmental science, chemistry and biology), and Foreign Language acquisition. Our students also take courses in Music, Drama, Visual Arts, Computer Technology, and Health & Physical Education, which support students’ physical, social and emotional well-being.

In High School, the courses become increasingly demanding and students may take Advanced Placement (AP) level courses, which are designed to offer rigorous university-level work.